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In order to create famous brand, increase the well-known degree of our enterprise and set up our enterprise image, based on the spirit of “Top Quality, Customer Satisfaction” and the principle of “Preferential Price, Considerate Service, Reliable Product Quality”, we seriously promise you:
A. promise of product quality:
1. The manufacture and test of products both have quality records and test data.
2. For the test on product performance, we sincerely invite users to make whole-process whole-performance inspection of products, and box products for delivery after qualification is confirmed.
B. promise of product price:
1. In order to guarantee the high reliability and advanced property of products, all materials of the system are domestic or international high-quality famous-brand products.
2. Under equal competition conditions, we sincerely provide the most preferential price for you on the basis without reducing the technical performance of products or changing product components.
C. promise of delivery date:
1. Delivery date of products: in accordance with users’ requirements as much as possible; in case of special requirements for advancing delivery, we can particularly organize production and installation to strive to meet users’ requirements.
2. When products are delivered, we provide users with the following documents:
(1) A technical maintenance and repair manual.
(2) A general installation chart.
(3) An instruction book for purchased parts and manufacturers thereof.
(4) A list of wearing parts and spare parts, accompanied with a certain quantity of spare parts.
D. promise of after-sale service:
1. Service tenet: Quick, Decisive, Accurate, Considerate, Thorough.
2. Service target: Win Customer Satisfaction with Service Quality.


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